Frequently Asked Questions


What is a FlexiQuad™?

A FlexiQuads™ is a zero-emissions, pedal-electric vehicle that can carry loads of people, freight, hot or cold food, tools or equipment in a clean and healthy way.

FlexiQuads™ are the perfect replacement for polluting vehicles like vans and trucks because they are zero-emission, and because they are pedal-powered they are a healthier, more active way of getting around.

FlexiQuads™ are cost-effective and we provide a range of services, including charging hubs and fleet management software, to keep your FlexiQuads™ on the road.

Custom-built here in the UK, FlexiQuads™ can carry loads of up to 200kg with 350kg & 500kg models in development and because they are nimble, agile and quiet, they can go lots of places traditional cars and vans can’t. 

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Who is PeddleSmart?

PeddleSmart helps people move people and things in clean and healthy ways. We manufacture FlexiQuads™, 4-wheeled, pedal-electric vehicles that can transport people or goods up to 200kg (soon to be up to 500kg).

As well as manufacturing FlexiQuads™, we also provide charging stations, online fleet management systems and much more. 

From our base in the UK, we provide the solution to the various problems in transporting people and goods today.

What does it cost?

We build bespoke solutions to solve your unique challenges. Whether you need a fleet of FlexiQuads™ and or a single FlexiQuad™ with a series of attachments, speak to us about costs and about the funding that’s available.

What funding is available?

Yes. Get in touch and we’d be delighted to point you towards the best funding solution for your circumstances.

Are FlexiQuad™ available now?

We expect the FlexiQuad range to be available in 2021.